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Running Safety for Fall/Winter

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Tips for Staying Safe on your Fall/Winter Runs! Wow how quick the seasons have gone this year! Last week felt like my first real autumn run – it was just after dinner but already dark, the air was crisp, and I was lite up like a Christmas tree 🙂 My family helped accessorize to help me emphasize the important of visibility because running… Read more »

Product Review & Recipe: Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts Fun Facts: Tastes Great – some people say Hemp Hearts taste like a sesame seed or pine nut – which is exactly what inspired me to use it as an extra boost of protein and omegas on my Vegan Chow Mein! Easy to Use – open the bag and sprinkle away! Literally…on and in any thing… Read more »

Workout Wednesday: Getting Fit Again

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Last weekend was the Goodlife Fitness 8k/Half/Full Marathon and so we get a break this week and no workout tonight. Instead I am going to get out and try outrigger with a local team! I am really looking forward to trying it again – I went out for a free intro class a couple of weeks ago and loved the… Read more »

Workout Wednesday: Back to Basics

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Today will be my second Wednesday workout back with the group and I am super excited about it! I will be keeping it relatively easy by just running the 20 minute warm up with the group and a second 20 minutes easy following a short break. I am really trying to take advantage of the time it is taking to recover from this injury by jumping on… Read more »

Part 2: I’m injured…

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…so now what? Being injured can definitely be frustrating and because of the location of this injury I was not able to easily swap from running workouts to pool/spin workouts. However, this has actually been a really enjoyable forced break because I was able to relax and spend a ton of time with family visiting from out of country, stay… Read more »

Recipe: Vegan Butternut Squash Soup

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Vegan Butternut Squash Soup With fall here, I am drawn to making warm comforting soups and stews. These are my favourite autumn meals and I mean I can have soup three times a day and have the happiest of tummies! I love soup and this one is no exception. It was inspired by a recipe a friend shared online and… Read more »