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Friday Five: Cold Fighters!

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  It’s that time of year when the cold and flu bugs seem to run rampant! I just recently got over a cold that had me down a week with no running 🙁 I was lucky that it was so short lived and I think it was in part to taking a good variety of cold fighting foods. Cold Fighters:… Read more »

Chicken Pot Pie – Dairy and Gluten Free!

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Chicken Pot Pie in the Slow Cooker! I found this recipe for Chicken Pot Pie in the Clean Eating Magazine – 65 Slow Cooker Masterpieces and made a couple of changes to the recipe. I used Better Than Bouillon vegetable broth, almond milk, and rice flour to keep it dairy and gluten-free. I also skipped the Chive Biscuits because I don’t eat dairy… Read more »

Connection and Social Media

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I have been seeing and reading a lot of comments online (a bit ironic perhaps?) lately about the use of social media and how it is being used to portray this idea of a ‘perfect life’ that we should all aspire to have. I feel like it was kickstarted in the last couple weeks by a girl in Australia with… Read more »

November Goals

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I am loving this idea of monthly goal setting! Well it’s more like an idea in action now 🙂 And I did it – I bought myself a Passion Planner! I actually bought one for the remainder of 2015 because they were on clearance for only $1 plus shipping! They are currently taking pre-orders for 2016 which I have also… Read more »

Workout Wednesday: Slow and Steady…

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…wins the getting fit race 😉 Nope it’s not actually Wednesday but I felt like posting about some recent runs and didn’t want to wait until next week 🙂  I know I haven’t posted a ‘Workout Wednesday’ in a couple of weeks and, instead of giving myself a hard time about it, I decided I will post when I feel like there is… Read more »