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Yoga is My Homeboy

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Wow I just have to say that my ‘return to yoga’ today was not the magical, rainbow-filled, fluffy kitten experience I was expecting.  It was hard. I felt awkward and sweaty and so unsteady….but I went.  I ignored my ego and all the excuses and got off my butt and went.  And I am so grateful I did. While I may… Read more »

Mileage Monday: One more big week and a lil’ yoga!

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It’s time to change it up! I found I have been posting mostly towards the end of each week and want to spread the goodness out a bit and share a bit of yoga from last week 🙂 So last week, I had one last build before the holidays – I am super happy the timing worked out to have an adaptation week… Read more »

GF & Vegan Holiday Baking Pt 1: Gingerbread Cookies

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These are seriously the most delicious gluten-free vegan gingerbread cookies I have ever made or tasted! We went mostly vegan – I say mostly because we do eat mayonnaise, eggs, fish, and the some chicken breast in the last little while – about 3 and a half years ago. It is all about finding balance and what works for my me… Read more »

Mind Over Matter?

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…or mind over hills 😉 Your mind and thoughts are so powerful they can actually affect your performance.  The difference between thinking ‘this is hard, I can’t do it’ and ‘I am strong, I can do this’ is astounding.  I notice it with myself regularly during runs and workouts.  The ones I have most enjoyment and feel the most fluid in… Read more »

Workout Wednesday: Back in the Game!

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I haven’t done a Workout Wednesday post in a while but I had a pretty great building week.  I have been feeling pretty fantastic the last couple weeks – albeit a little exhausted but that’s normal during the building phase of training. Last week was my biggest week of training since the week of May 10th – that was the last week… Read more »

Friday Five: Staying Warm this Winter!

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My Friday Five Favourites this week are all about staying warm and cozy! Gloves – as a Raynauds Phenomenon sufferer, gloves are essential to my winter wardrobe – but not just any gloves.  They must be warm enough to keep my fingers at human temperature – even on the coldest runs.  My current faves are from Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC)… Read more »

Recipe: Chai Tea Breakfast Cake

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Delicious and healthy way to eat cake for breakfast! This vegan Chai Tea cake recipe features Hungry Buddha Coconut Chips and has no added sugar or dairy and can easily substitute your flour for a wheat free alternative 🙂 Chai Tea Breakfast Cake Ingredients: 1 cup strong chai tea 1/3 cup uncooked (not instant) oatmeal 1 cup whole wheat flour (or… Read more »

December Goals!

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Not going to lie – November was a tougher month for me for keeping to my goals and for just staying motivated at all! I ended up sick the day before the Thetis Lake Relay but chose to run anyway and as a result I was off for a week afterwards. I found myself feeling pretty tired and weak getting back… Read more »