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Five Things I Love About Training with a Team!

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Disclaimer:  I wrote this post last week but didn’t manage to get it posted on Friday before we went away for the weekend 🙁 So while it is a little late and some of it is dated (clearly those who were on their way to Boston have already been there and raced the marathon) I still wanted to post it for… Read more »

Workout Wednesday: Pace Control

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Pace control. It is something that I find really challenging and find it takes a while of running consistently before I feel confident in my ability to measure my pace and effort.  Knowing my body well enough to know what pace I am running without even looking at my watch tends to be when I am pretty fit and running regularly… Read more »

Five Foods I am loving right now!

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Food. So many foods to choose from! I have too many favourites it was really tough to choose just five 🙂 Having a genuine whole-hearted love and appreciation for food is such a big change from the kind of relationship I used to have with it.  For most of my adolescence/teenage/young adult years, I definitely struggled with a preoccupation of never feeling thin enough… Read more »

Workout Wednesday: Getting Stronger!

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Hope you had an awesome Easter long weekend! I know I really appreciated having the time off – I was able to get some extra stuff done at home and just really practice this art of relaxing.  Taking the time to rest can actually make you stronger as it gives your muscles the chance to really rebuild. I am so excited… Read more »

April Goals Bring May Fitness!

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April 2016 Goals! Whoa! Spring is definitely here! Well at least this week – it is the west coast/wet coast after all 😉 It was a gorgeous 19°C yesterday! I ran in shorts and it felt amazing! We have had some gorgeous weather this spring! March was a pretty great month and I must admit I am thrilled that summer… Read more »

Recipe: Super Easy Banana Muffins!

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These banana muffins are seriously delicious! They can easily be made gluten free by simply swapping out the flour and vegan if you use a egg replacer.  The only fat comes from the optional chocolate chips and walnuts! They taste delicious, make a great snack when packing lunches, and freeze well! So, how do you make them? Here is the super… Read more »