A bit about me:

I am proud to be a west coast Canadian girl raised on the beautiful Vancouver Island, BC. I am a runner and a yogi and a bunch in between 🙂


Sombrio Beach 2015

Sombrio Beach 2015

The older I get the more adventure I seek, the bigger the goals and the more I aspire to be. I am so grateful to have such a supportive partner and family.

I am fortunate that most of my family lives on the island as well (with a few exceptions on the mainland and my parents abroad). My family is hilarious, wacky, loving, and wildly inappropriate and I love them all.

Oh and of course the stuff I do that inspired me to start a blog:

I run. A lot. And love it so.

I don’t even remember when or why or how but I fell in love with running four years ago…and it really got serious about a year ago.

Here is a blurb I wrote from my coach’s newsletter that really sums up ‘Why I love Running’:

“It’s funny, as a gymnast I had to run for conditioning and I dreaded it. There wasn’t anything about it I enjoyed—the same goes for running in high school gym class! Looking back I suppose it was because running was used as a means to an end, rather than a focus. I really took it up again about five years ago, and more seriously when I quit smoking in 2012. Running is my moving meditation. It’s the space where I can feel every inch of my body and how each is working in unison with every other inch. It’s a place where I can have absolute focus and is a testament to how strong I am, physically and mentally. I can always aspire to do better than I did yesterday, free of comparison with anyone else. It’s the best cure for my anxiety and body image issues; it can change my bad moods to good ones in as little as 30 minutes. It has been a key teacher of patience: slow and steady progression pays off!”

Portland 2015

My sister-in-law and myself before the Foot Traffic Flat Marathon 2015

I also practice yoga – although not as regular as I would like at the moment. My favourite styles are definitely Anusara, Hatha and Vinyasa Flow yoga. Yoga helps keep me so grounded and is an amazing cross training activity the really compliments my running. Part of why I need it more in my life – it helps keep my limber without getting over flexible. It also helps with the mental training and focus needed for racing.


I have run a few races over the years and here are my current PRs:

5k: 21:25 (Bazan Bay 2015, age place – 7th)

8k: 35:57 (Pioneer 8k 2016, age place 6th)

10K: 44:44 (TC10K 2015, age place – 14th)

21.1k: 1:40:28 (Goodlife Fitness 1/2 Marathon 2014, age place – 18th)

42.2k: TBD


My next race:

Cobble Hill 10k Sunday January 24th, 2016

Race plan for 2016:

January 10th – Pioneer 8km

January 24th – Cobble Hill 10km

March 6th – Bazan Bay 5k

April 24th – TC10K

May 29th – Oak Bay Half Marathon

August 12th – SeaWheeze Half Marathon


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