Nutrition & Fuel

Building mileage and increasing fitness can mean longer runs or more intense workouts – both of which I love for totally different reasons! This means I need may need to use some kind of fuel to get me through those extra kilometres.  Because I try my best to stay away from refined sugar, dairy, and wheat, my options for gels and other fuel types are pretty limited.  Chews are totally out of the question because I have yet to find some without added sugars 🙁


The best and most delicious way to hydrate (before and after!) that I have found is definitely Thirsty Buddha Coconut Water! It is nothing but straight up natural coconut water with no added sugars, chemicals, or dyes. I love that I can buy it in 500mL or 1L size tetra packs or in a can in either 520mL or 250mL. Also for a treat I choose the can that comes with pulp because the coconut pieces are fresh and crunchy and oh so good!

fuel thirsty buddhaI have a spinach and fruit smoothie basically every morning and I add a scoop of Vega One All-In-One nutritional shake powder (Natural flavour).  This is just to make sure I am getting enough protein, greens, and various vitamin and minerals I need each day. Typically protein powders have a pretty terrible taste and grainy texture but I find that this one in the natural flavour is easily disguised by the fruit I add and the texture is really smooth 🙂

fuel vega one


Currently I use GU Energy Gels because they agree with my stomach and I notice the boost they add to my energy levels.  My go-to flavours are Lemon Lime, Tri-Berry, and Jet Blackberry which allows me to control/plan my caffeine consumption. (bonus: they are vegan)

Fuel energy-gel-jet-blackberry_4

I use Ultima Replenisher Raspberry flavour on some of my longer runs as my choice for electrolyte replacement. I heart this drink because it tastes great and has no added sugars or dyes and is gluten free! They use beet powder to dye it red – how cool is that?!

fuel ultima raspberry


My post workout recovery drink of choice is Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator. I love this product because it is vegan, no added sugars/dyes, gluten free and actually tastes pretty great 🙂

fuel vega recovery


*Please note that I am not sponsored in anyway by these products and these opinions are my own in their entirety. I just wanted to share what products I use in my training 🙂

*Update: I am an ambassador for Buddha Brands Co. including Thirsty Buddha and Hungry Buddha products and all opinions expressed are my own.