Mileage Monday – Summer’s Almost Here!

So after writing ‘Workout Wednesday’ posts for some time now I have decided to swap to Mileage Mondays. Of course today is Tuesday which makes it the perfect day to switch to Mileage Mondays 😉 It just makes more sense to me because I count my training weeks from Sunday through Saturday and it seemed silly to do a recap halfway through the next week.Mileage Monday header clip

So here goes…

The week before last was mostly a rest week for me.  I decided to take it easy for a couple of reasons and ended up only running twice and not going to the gym or doing any yoga at all.  It was probably a good mental and physical break but towards the end of the week I was feeling the negative affects on my general mood and energy.  It was SOOO easy to just not do anything. It was an excellent reminder just how hard it can be for some people to start exercising or start eating healthy – especially when it can be after years or decades of unhealthy habits.  I only had a couple of days and I found myself eating a lot more sugar and junk food and getting very comfortable on the couch. I felt very lethargic and didn’t feel motivated to do much of anything physical including cleaning up the house or cooking healthy meals.

That being said, I was missing my usual activities and taking care of my body with good food. I found some motivation after reading a few different blogs and getting excited about getting back on track to eating healthy homemade food, exercising, getting enough sleep, and just being generally good to myself.

So after getting back on all kinds of wagons here’s how last week went down:

Sunday: Easy 70′ – 10.1kmMM May 30 - Thirsty Buddha

Monday: Hiked the East Sooke Park Trail – 12km

Tuesday: Easy 45′ – 7.5km

Wednesday: Group Workout – 11.6km

Thursday: REST

Friday: REST

Saturday: Group Workout – 12.3km

Total km: 41km

I have been having some on going issues with my right calf/inner shin/fallen arch now since January and it looks to be a mechanical issue and maybe a weakness in my posterior tibialis. This means I am going to lower the amount of impact exercise I am doing until I get in to see about orthotics.  Going to swap some of my easy runs for spin bike workouts and try to maintain long runs and run workouts – as long as I am not having pain of course!


I took my easy run super easy today and only ran 70′ instead of the prescribed 80′.  I had the opportunity to run with my sis and her dog out around the lakes and help her get some mileage down as she gears up for her first 15km race!MM May 30 - Cooper

It was a gorgeous day and for some reason I forget how much I love running out here!MM May 30 - lakes


While it was a rest day from running, I headed out for a hike with a group of amazing peeps and we crushed 12km of trail including nearly 500m of elevation gain!MM May 30 - sooke4MM May 30 - sooke I am so grateful to live in such a beautiful place with these kinds of trails so accessible 🙂


I ran with my sis-in-law for an nice easy evening run.  She was tapering down for a race coming up on the weekend so we just did a gentle 45′. Her easy run pace was a little quicker than what I have been running my easy ones at lately but it was nice to get a little more spin in my legs!


This workout was awesome! It was super tough and I finished with an RPE (rate of perceived effort) of about 8 (out of 10).  It was definitely the hardest I have worked in a long time.

There is an 1100m loop we do fairly regularly at a local park – it is nice because it is a gravel loop and there are a couple of hills.  This workout was 3 loops at marathon pace with a 2.5′ rest into 2 loops at half marathon pace with a  90″ rest and 1 loop with whatever you have left to run hard! Prior to starting I was definitely feeling skeptical about even holding the loops at marathon pace which worked out to about 16 continuous minutes. MM May 30 - wed wo3But I surprised myself and ran super strong and held on right to the end when I manage the last loop at a 4:21/km pace!


Todays workout was at the university track and the focus was on form and doing short bouts of high speed sprints. It was a really good opportunity for me to think about my form and consciously run better – easier to correct and maintain on 150m intervals.  I felt a definite improvement in my form between the beginning and end of the workout.  I need to focus on pulling my foot right up underneath me, not letting my back leg drag, and getting more lean into my stride.


This week I’m looking at a building week which means a little more focus on getting adequate sleep…I am always super proud excited when I can consistently get 7 hours. Also keeping up on my hydration with the added mileage and increasingly warmer weather.

Do you ever take full breaks from all kinds of training?

Where are your fave places to hike?

2 thoughts on “Mileage Monday – Summer’s Almost Here!

  1. Stacie

    What a beautifully balanced week you had! It takes all kinds of strength and determination to come back to training than to stay on. Love that you listened to your body and gave it what it needed.
    I recently did East Sooke and really enjoyed it however I was solo so I didn’t venture the whole way… probably about half or so.

    Favourite place is Mystic Beach…. it has a little bit of everything. Begins in the trees, has a great suspension bridge, lots of stairs and at the end you are on the beach with a waterfall. Couldn’t get any more Westcoast beauty than that.
    I am gearing up to do the whole Juan de Fuca trail in a month. First over night hike and am super excited about it. Apparently I have a huge crush on right now for backpacking/hiking gear too 😉

    1. admin Post author

      Me too Stacie! And we are planning a few nights on the Juan De Fuca trail next month too 🙂
      We are so fortunate to have so many beautiful places so accessible to us!

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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