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It’s not always sunshine and rainbows; how I experience anxiety and depression

One of my favourite yoga teachers, and founder of One Yoga, Ryan Leier shared some words earlier this week that really struck me, inspired me, and it couldn’t have been better timed: Yoga Heals Series: Ryan Leier on figuring it out I appreciate him taking the risk to be vulnerable and talk about his experiences in such a public forum because mental health… Read more »

2015: A Year of Running & Yoga!

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Wow I can’t believe another year has already passed and I am really looking forward to what 2016 will bring! So many plans and some big goals…but first, here’s a bit of a recap of the highlights of some running & yoga that went down in 2015: January As an ambassador for the 2015 Victoria Yoga Conferece, I hosted my very… Read more »

Mind Over Matter?

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…or mind over hills 😉 Your mind and thoughts are so powerful they can actually affect your performance.  The difference between thinking ‘this is hard, I can’t do it’ and ‘I am strong, I can do this’ is astounding.  I notice it with myself regularly during runs and workouts.  The ones I have most enjoyment and feel the most fluid in… Read more »

Connection and Social Media

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I have been seeing and reading a lot of comments online (a bit ironic perhaps?) lately about the use of social media and how it is being used to portray this idea of a ‘perfect life’ that we should all aspire to have. I feel like it was kickstarted in the last couple weeks by a girl in Australia with… Read more »

Product Review & Recipe: Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts Fun Facts: Tastes Great – some people say Hemp Hearts taste like a sesame seed or pine nut – which is exactly what inspired me to use it as an extra boost of protein and omegas on my Vegan Chow Mein! Easy to Use – open the bag and sprinkle away! Literally…on and in any thing… Read more »

Friday’s Feelings…

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20 Happiness Tips …from yours truly (well not actually from me but rather from my notebook…but I can’t remember where I got these from as I have had them written down for some time now). Don’t compare yourself to anyone else Trust your instincts Raise your standards Be the first to forgive Drink more water Appreciate the journey as much as the… Read more »