Journaling: a different approach

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I know this is not a post about running or yoga but I felt like blogging about my thoughts on journaling and feeling inspired by Angela (Eat Spin Run Repeat) to approach it a little differently.

believe in yourself

I gave up journaling a few years ago because I realized they were all the same kind of entries full of the same kind of self-hate words every time. I was using journaling as another way to be critical and hard on myself. Another way to tell myself I wasn’t good enough, that I didn’t do enough, and all of the ways I needed to change be ‘ok’. To be an acceptable human. I threw out that box of journals and swore I would never journal again.  That kind of black and white thinking is part of what got me to there in the first place. I believed that in order to stop writing self-deprecating things I needed to stop journaling altogether. What I didn’t make space for was the idea that I actually am in control of what I write and I can chose to journal in a more positive way.

Yesterday, I read new post by Angela called 15 more big questions to answer in your journal and they were super inspiring and thought provoking! And reading her post reminded me that I have the choice to journal differently. I can choose to use it as a tool to practice my compassion, self-love, vulnerability, creativity, goal-setting, problem solving, create positive affirmations, and so on.


In the spirit of practicing those things (the vulnerability piece for sure) I have chosen 4 of her journaling questions to answer here 🙂

6. We spend a lot of time doing the ‘shoulds’ instead of the things we actually love to do, or want to do just for the sheer pleasure of it. What are 5 things that bring you joy? Do one today.

There are definitely things that I love to do that I don’t and use ‘I don’t have the time’ as an excuse! There is always the option to make the time – especially if it is genuinely important to me. The 5 things that bring me joy that I would like to do more regularly are:

  • Read
  • Stretch every night (even for just 10 minutes)
  • Go for walks with my family
  • Yoga
  • Creative expression: draw, knit, bake, blog, organize

I did go to a yoga class yesterday and I experienced a kind of shift while moving through some hip opening postures.  I was able to peel back a layer and get a little deeper in the pose – something I haven’t been able to do in months.  It felt amazing. I have committed to myself to partake in a least one yoga class a week for the year and so far I have kept good on that – last week I even went to two!

Writing these down also helped me to see that I could combine some of them – I don’t like to multi-task all the time as I think it can take away from the experience but I could definitely read while I am stretching 🙂

8. Fill in the blanks: My theme word for today is presence and I want to feel compassionate. I’m going to say yes to learning opportunities and no to negative self-talk. (This is actually a great one to do every day!)

love life

9. If you had an extra hour every day to learn a new skill, what would that be?

Sewing. I would definitely love to learn how to sew quality things…I am surprised that was the first skill that came to mind because it is not something I think that much about…that is until I am looking (and can’t find) something specific like couch cushions or leggings in a certain pattern/colour or pretty much anything!

11. Write down of how you want to spend your days feeling. Does the way you act, the way you dress, the way you speak, the space you live in, and the way you interact with others make you feel this way?

I want to feel happy and content. It’s funny, content is a word that I used to associate with settling in life and that if I felt content then I wasn’t chasing my dreams or living as fully – that it was more about behind comfortable and complacent in life.  Which I have discovered is absolutely not true.  I can definitely be content in my life and feel passionate about different things I am doing and be excited when new or challenging opportunities arise 🙂

There is a bit of a connection in how I feel with how I act and dress and speak for sure. When I wear the clothes that I feel good in it has a positive effect on how I feel – more notably though is when I am feeling down or hard on myself I actually have a super hard time figuring out what I want to wear. It tends to be less creative, more comfortable, easier to put together, and covers more of my skin and shape.

Journaling is something that I think I have subtly incorporated back into my life simply through this blog! I hadn’t even thought of it in that way until I wrote this but it is like a journal to me – a place to share my thoughts and experiences, interesting information, a way to document my goals and progress, and really anything I want 🙂

Check out Eat Spin Run Repeat for the

whole list of questions to ask yourself.

Do your journal regularly? What process do you use?

Are there any standard questions you ask yourself?


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