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Pregnancy Expectations vs Reality

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31 weeks, 5 days and counting…. I woke up with this urge to write and to post today but without any clear direction.  It has been a while and I feel terribly out of practice. Plus I have hardly been doing any of my usual activities so what do I have to share? Where is my focus? Honestly right now my… Read more »

Big News!

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Wow it sure has been a while since I last posted here! There have been some huge changes in my life since my last post with a little baby twist…  For starters I haven’t posted here since I headed to Squamish for the 8k race and I haven’t been for a run since SeaWheeze 2016 last August. This is because I… Read more »

It’s not always sunshine and rainbows; how I experience anxiety and depression

One of my favourite yoga teachers, and founder of One Yoga, Ryan Leier shared some words earlier this week that really struck me, inspired me, and it couldn’t have been better timed: Yoga Heals Series: Ryan Leier on figuring it out I appreciate him taking the risk to be vulnerable and talk about his experiences in such a public forum because mental health… Read more »

December Goals!

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Not going to lie – November was a tougher month for me for keeping to my goals and for just staying motivated at all! I ended up sick the day before the Thetis Lake Relay but chose to run anyway and as a result I was off for a week afterwards. I found myself feeling pretty tired and weak getting back… Read more »

Friday Five: Cold Fighters!

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  It’s that time of year when the cold and flu bugs seem to run rampant! I just recently got over a cold that had me down a week with no running 🙁 I was lucky that it was so short lived and I think it was in part to taking a good variety of cold fighting foods. Cold Fighters:… Read more »

Connection and Social Media

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I have been seeing and reading a lot of comments online (a bit ironic perhaps?) lately about the use of social media and how it is being used to portray this idea of a ‘perfect life’ that we should all aspire to have. I feel like it was kickstarted in the last couple weeks by a girl in Australia with… Read more »

November Goals

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I am loving this idea of monthly goal setting! Well it’s more like an idea in action now 🙂 And I did it – I bought myself a Passion Planner! I actually bought one for the remainder of 2015 because they were on clearance for only $1 plus shipping! They are currently taking pre-orders for 2016 which I have also… Read more »

Part 2: I’m injured…

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…so now what? Being injured can definitely be frustrating and because of the location of this injury I was not able to easily swap from running workouts to pool/spin workouts. However, this has actually been a really enjoyable forced break because I was able to relax and spend a ton of time with family visiting from out of country, stay… Read more »

October Goals

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Goal setting has really become a priority in my life because I have some big aspirations and setting goals is the how I am going to get there.  I think it is important to set long term/end vision goals but also short term goals that will keep steering you in the direction of where you want to go. I may… Read more »

Part 1: I thought this was supposed to be a running blog…

…why so many feels? Because I have feelings about running!  And because I want to have an honest blog that reflects who I am as a person and that means sometimes there will be lots of posts about running and yoga and yummy recipes (like the one coming soon for dairy/wheat/oil/cane sugar-free cookies) and sometimes there will be lots of posts about… Read more »