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2016 So Far and Some Goals for February

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Wow! I can’t believe the first month of 2016 just flew by and we are already into February! I feel like I have some pretty solid (and not too crazy) goals for this year that are totally attainable – especially if I break them down into mini goals each month šŸ™‚ How did the first month of the year go?… Read more »

Journaling: a different approach

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I knowĀ this is not a post about runningĀ or yoga butĀ I felt like blogging about my thoughts on journaling and feeling inspired by Angela (Eat Spin Run Repeat)Ā to approach it a little differently. I gave up journaling a few years ago because I realized they were all the same kind of entries full of the same kind of self-hate words every… Read more »

Part 1: I thought this was supposed to be a running blog…

…why so many feels? Because I have feelings about running!Ā  And because I want to have an honest blog that reflects whoĀ I am as a person and that meansĀ sometimes there will be lots of posts about running and yoga and yummy recipes (like the one coming soon for dairy/wheat/oil/cane sugar-free cookies) and sometimes there will be lots of posts about… Read more »

Friday’s Feelings…

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20Ā HappinessĀ Tips …from yours truly (well not actually from me but rather from my notebook…but I can’t remember where I got these from as I have had them written down for some time now). Don’t compare yourself to anyone else Trust your instincts Raise your standards Be the first to forgive Drink more water Appreciate the journey as much as the… Read more »

Living Authentically, Honestly, and Unapologetically

Realā€¦and other thoughts Hey guys! I think this post may be a little deeper than they have been but it has been weighing much on my mind lately and I really feel like writing about it. Even though this blog was started with a focus on running and yoga I anticipate there with be some personal stuff woven in as… Read more »

New RunGo Ambassador!

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I am super excited to say that I am a RunGo Ambassador! This is a really neat running app that is available for both iPhone (and iWatch) and Android phones.     Here are some features of RunGo: Provides voice-navigated, turn-by-turn directions along popular running routes Allows runners to discover new routes without relying on maps Alerts users if they… Read more »