Mileage Monday – Adaptation Week

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So last week was an adaptation week which means lower mileage and sometimes shorter workouts. I find I am a lot less structured on an adaptation week and much more likely to cut a run short or skip it on those weeks.

Last week in a nutshell:

Sunday: Easy 90′ – 13.2kmIMG_4283

Monday: 60′ Weight Session (+stretching)

Tuesday: Hot Yoga – 60′

Wednesday: Group workout – 6.6km

Thursday: Easy 30′ – 4.4km

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Group workout – 9.4km

Total for the week: 34km 

I did end up skipping a run and swapping around and shortening another so I didn’t quite make the 45km target I was given for the week. I am much more flexible on these easier, recovery weeks though so if time doesn’t permit or if I’m not really feeling it I wont stress too much about going for that run.  I don’t want to burn out and there are lots of runs or workouts that I find myself not looking forward to but needing to push through it because it is a key workout in my training.


I had the opportunity to watch my sister-in-law finish her very first half marathon and I am so proud of her! June 2016 Goals shokoI thought it would be a really good idea if Emma and I drove down to the race and then do our easy 90′ run around the race course so we could cheer her on (as well as my other sister running the 10km).  Two birds with one stone, you know? Turned out to be a terrible idea as we ended up being on our feet more like two hours and with all the start and stopping it was like we never warmed up.  Next time I’m going to cheer someone on I will make sure to keep my own run separate!


While only Monday was supposed to be a rest day (from running), I took Tuesday off as well.  Monday I went to the gym and did my weight program and it was great.  I am seriously loving going to the gym 🙂 Tuesday I made it to a hot yoga class at lunch and then didn’t feel too badly when I didn’t make it for my scheduled run.  The yoga class was at One Yoga Victoria and it was exactly what I needed. And more of it actually.  The theme of the class was ‘humble’ and about not comparing yourself to others – which can be super challenging in a time with so much social media at our finger tips.  I know I occasionally get caught up in it and I have to remind myself that the only person I need to compare myself to is me. This is the body I have and it is what allows me to run, it is the only body I have to work with (not against) on the mat, and that I am enough as I am.June 2016 Goals2


Group workout was at our usual 1100m gravel loop and was short and sweet. After a 20′ warm up we did some strides and got right into it.  One loop at tempo with a 90″ rest into 3x 15″ hill sprints off 90″ rests and we did that twice.  workout wed - hillsThe only caveat was we were not to look at our watches at all for pacing.  It was to all be done by breathing and effort.  I love these workouts because I find it super challenging to not look at my watch and base my workout by the number on it rather than how I feel.  And the longer I run consistently, without injury, the better I am at knowing my paces based on how it feels. It’s funny because I can end up running the same pace but if I do it with one eye always on my watch my effort level is higher.  If I run based on effort and pay attention to my breath I can run that same pace but much less effort! Tempo pace is about half marathon pace/effort (4:40/km) and, without relying on my watch, I ran my first loop at 4:46 and the second at 4:36!


Today’s workout was pretty tough! We started bright and early to beat the heat and while we saw hill sprints again this time we were doing them on trail up a local mountain.  We did 3′ tempo up and 3′ tempo effort down without breaks. We did a total of 4 up hills and I was definitely feeling lactic halfway up the last one! I have a real love/hate (but mostly love) with hill work because I absolutely enjoy the feeling of powering up a hill because it is easier to focus on, and maintain, good form and I feel so strong while I do hill sprints.  On the other hand I am really not keen on (or used to anymore) how it feels to push it hard enough to maintain that pace on the last rep and not being sure if I’m going to puke.

Now what?

I am going into a build week with a target of 55-60 km and next week will be a big build week with a target of 65-70km!  I am super excited to get my mileage up that high and hopefully get a good fitness hit from it.  I really miss being at that level of fitness when going out for a 90 or 100′ run was comfortable. I am planning to race a 10km at the end of the month so these build weeks should really help give me a boost! My focus over the next two weeks will be ensuring I am getting enough sleep each night (ideally 7-8hrs), keeping hydrated by drinking at least 2 litres a day, and fueling my body with healthy, wholesome food.

What do your adaptation weeks look like?

Do you include hill sprints in your training plan? 

 What is your favourite way to cross-train?

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