Mileage Monday and MEC 10k Race Recap!

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Mileage Monday header clipWhat a week! I topped out at 50km for the week including a 10km race and two awesome workouts!

Sunday: MEC 10km Race plus warm up and cool down – 14.5km

MM - July 4 wed workout2

Group Warm up on Wednesday

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Easy 35′ – 5.6km

Wednesday: Group workout – 13km

Thursday: Hot Yoga – 75′

Friday: Easy 30′ – 5.3km

Saturday: Group workout – 11.7km

Total for the week: 50km

I am very pleased with my week and am going into a build week with a target of 65km!  I feel great and am excited to see how this week goes.  I am hoping a got a good fitness hit from the race and the two workouts.  I am also starting to focus more on nutrition as well and have gotten inspired to start experimenting in the kitchen again 🙂 There will be some delicious and easy recipes coming soon!


The MEC Race Three – The Tape Breaker was only my second race this year. MM - July 4 race prepI ran the Pioneer 8km in January but was injured about a week later. I am really happy with how I ran this race and pleased the time I was hoping for.  It was super warm and the course was much hillier than I was expecting making it a pretty challenging course. The first two km or so were on an unexpected up hill in the forested grounds of Royal Roads and once we made our way out onto the Galloping Goose trail the heat really hit me.  Unfortunately I didn’t think I could wait for an aid station so I stopped for a quick slurp at a water fountain! The first aid station was at 3km and I took two – one to drink and one to dump on my head.  Dumping water directly on my head is something I do during all warm weather/summer races and find it is super effective at cooling me off quickly! After a bit of an uphill to Fort Rod Hill the course took us down quite a steep hill to the Esquimalt Lagoon and the second aid station just past the 6km mark.

MM - July 4 race

Just past the 7km marker

The next almost two km ran along the lagoon and was super flat.  I was hoping to be able to pick my pace up a bit here but my legs just would not have it so I just held on to maintain.  Once we got across the lagoon the course took a sharp right turn right into a massive hill! The only thing keeping me going was knowing there is a bigger hill in the Brickyard Beast 10km race in August and that this would be good practice.  I eased up a bit because if nothing else I wanted to run the whole hill – even if that meant slowing right down.

The pure relief I felt as I could see where the course made its was back into the shaded university grounds was glorious. Turning off the road into the park also brought a much deserved down hill.  The last km was on trail and mostly in direct sun.  My excitement knowing I was almost there allowed me to pick up my pace a little and run hard across the finish with a time of 50:13.

MM - July 4 post race

Post race smiles!

This was by no means a PB but I was happy.  After almost a year of off and on injuries, I was so pleased to be able to race, I ran the whole course, and I was not sore afterwards. Its funny because after I finished I talked about never doing that race again but already I have forgotten really how tough it was and how maybe I would like to try to run it faster 🙂


I just had super easy runs of 30′ on both Tuesday and Thursday with nothing very noteworthy to report. I did not get to yoga on Tuesday though due to a conflict in my calendar but I did make it on Thursday and it was a really awesome class.  I keep coming back to yoga again and again as something that is so important to me and I want to do more of and yet I only seem to get myself on my mat once a week…


MM - July 4 wed workout

Island Striders

Tonight’s workout was great. We ran out at the lakes and it was super warm, both of which I love! After a 20′ warm up the workout was two sets of 3km consecutive at marathon pace/effort with a three minute set break and a 20′ cool down.  For my first 3km set I averaged a little quicker than my marathon pace but my effort felt appropriate for the workout and there is more of a downhill on the way out.  Coming back for the second set I was a little fast on my first km.  The first part of it is on road before we get back on the trail and I always find it tricky to control my pace there.  More practice needed I think. The second set averaged around my half marathon pace but again I felt very strong and did not feel like I was working too hard (until about the last 500m).

MM - July 4 wed workout3

The last few metres of second set

We finished up with a bit of a core workout led by the coach.  It was so tough I found myself giggling as I tried to get through all the consecutive exercises!MM - July 4 wed workout4


We had a short and fast fartlek workout today and it was a lot of fun.  I discovered I really enjoy these types of workouts because the intervals are short and manageable and I love the feeling of running fast – even if it is just for a minute!

Getting my lean on during strides

Getting my lean on during strides

Following our 20′ warm up we had our first set of fartleks that consisted of 1’/90″/90″/2’/2’/3′ a 3′ set break and then the same in reverse: 3’/2’/2’/90″/90″/1′ all with a 1′ jog rest between. I struggled a bit keeping my pacing consistent in the first set but, once I was warmed up, found the second set awesome. All the sets worked between a 4:33/km pace and a 3:40/km pace – mind you the 3:40 was only for the very last one minute fartlek!MM - July 4 sat workout3

I know I have said this like a gazillion times but running with a team of such spectacular people really makes such a difference for me.  To be able to share in this with other people brings me so much joy and I honestly look forward to each workout because we have really connected as a group.  This just makes it so much more than just a run you know?

Are fartleks part of your training?

Do you prefer to run solo or with a group?

Do you do strength/conditioning training?

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