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No Mud, No Lotus: A Symphony

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What does that even mean? No mud, no lotus? A symphony? A title like that out of context probably doesn’t make much sense but it was basically the theme to last Sunday morning’s yoga class.  A challenging 90 minute alignment flow class at Moksha Yoga Victoria with one of my fave teachers, Jonathan Boyd. Jon teaches Bowspring Yoga which is different from many… Read more »

2015: A Year of Running & Yoga!

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Wow I can’t believe another year has already passed and I am really looking forward to what 2016 will bring! So many plans and some big goals…but first, here’s a bit of a recap of the highlights of some running & yoga that went down in 2015: January As an ambassador for the 2015 Victoria Yoga Conferece, I hosted my very… Read more »

Workout Wednesday: Getting Fit Again

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Last weekend was the Goodlife Fitness 8k/Half/Full Marathon and so we get a break this week and no workout tonight. Instead I am going to get out and try outrigger with a local team! I am really looking forward to trying it again – I went out for a free intro class a couple of weeks ago and loved the… Read more »

Part 2: I’m injured…

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…so now what? Being injured can definitely be frustrating and because of the location of this injury I was not able to easily swap from running workouts to pool/spin workouts. However, this has actually been a really enjoyable forced break because I was able to relax and spend a ton of time with family visiting from out of country, stay… Read more »

Part 1: I thought this was supposed to be a running blog…

…why so many feels? Because I have feelings about running!  And because I want to have an honest blog that reflects who I am as a person and that means sometimes there will be lots of posts about running and yoga and yummy recipes (like the one coming soon for dairy/wheat/oil/cane sugar-free cookies) and sometimes there will be lots of posts about… Read more »